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House in The G Volume 1 (Winter is Coming)
March 30, 2019 01:04 AM PDT
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There is so much here that I couldn't list it all. David Penn, Wipe The Needle, Blaze, Louie Vega, Sean McCabe, Byron Stingly, Joey Negro, Michelle Weekes, Angelo Ferreri amongst some other little gems. Skips on the needle and proof that I do not do post production shenanigans.

Its getting cold in the G. Time to do the hustle and keep warm.

We love House smiley

Soulful House and Jackin Episode 101
November 03, 2018 10:47 PM PDT
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Featuring some of the best ever

1 You Are Everything (Morales Tribute To Frankie Knuckles mix) Louie Vega Starring Jocelyn Brown
2 Feels Good (Kelly G Shelter mix) Kelly G
3 Love 4 Love (Joey Negro extended remix) Change
4 Love will save the day Kenny Carpenter
5 Move Of The Spirit (Terry Hunter Spirit House mix) Jocelyn Brown & Inaya Day
6 They Can't Understand It (vocal mix) Bobby & Steve, Byron Stingily
7 Over Me (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Director's Cut mix) Ultra Nate, Inaya Day
8 This Could Be The Night (Stacy Kidd House 4 Life remix) Freak Fineman
9 It's My Turn El Funkador
10 Hideaway (World mix) David Morales
11 Keepin Love Alive Andy Caldwell, Mei-lwun, Omega
12 Revell Romy Black and Tony Garcia
13 My Soul Is A Witness (Teddy Douglas & DJ Spen vocal mix) Jasper Street Co
14 Nobody David Penn
15 Ricky Tan Iban Montoro, Jazzman Wax
16 You've Got The Luv (Angelo Ferreri 'Vocal' remix) Duty Sound, Speekair, Matthew Lewis Jr
17 Funky Trip Norberto Acrisio
18 Clap Your Hands Stefano Mango, Simon Adams
19 Give It Up (Austins Groove remix) Buried King
20 Losing Control Fond8
21 Heard It All Before (Mike Millrain & Mick James extended remix) Low Steppa
22 Survival 2K18 Roog
23 It's The Same Old Song Enrico Bsj Ferrari

Old Time Revival
September 15, 2018 07:54 PM PDT
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So as some of you may know my ability to perform live these days is limited by our ability to travel because of personal challenges. Unfortunately one of those rare opportunities where the stars aligned has had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.. So for those of you that were looking forward to catching up with me at in Sydney in October this will have to suffice.

Disco and Gospel House from back in the day to present. Featuring Stacy Kidd, Eric Kupper, Whitney, Jocelyn Brown, Louie Vega, DJ Spen, Purple Disco Machine, The Soup Dragons, Sister Sledge, Floor Plan and many more....

1 Heaven (Stacy Kidd & DJ Spen original mix) Stacy Kidd & Tasha Larae
2 Iam Every Woman - Aretha Franklin
3 It's Not Right But It's Okay (KCC's Release The Love Groove mix) - Whitney Houston
4 Dontcha Wanna Dance (12 inch mix) - Cool Million, Marc Evans
5 Burning Disco - Cordycep
6 Funky Lowdown (original mix) - Felipe Avelar
7 Somebody Elseas Guy (Baggi Begovic mix - Paolo Madzone Zampetti rework 2018) - Jocelyn Brown
8 Ain't Nobody (feat Onita Boone - Mousse T's Ain't No Good Man mix) - Seductive Souls
9 Up Jumped The Devil (Louie Vega remix) - John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
10 Love For Days (feat Karen Harding - Kenny Dope mix) - Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch
11 I'm Free (Yam Who? & Alan Dixon remix) - The Soup Dragons
13 A Feeling (Heller & Farley Project remix) - Dj Spen, Jasper Street Company
14 I Found Love (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins remix) - Greg Winfield, Kadesh
15 I Believe (feat Suzanne Palmer - Mark!'s full On Gospel mix) - Mark Picchiotti & The Absolute
16 Lost In Music (Dimitri From Paris remix - 2018 Remaster) - Sister Sledge
17 The Sermon (Pride For Life mix) - Cevin Fisher/Reverend
18 Calling Out (feat Dames Brown - Danny Krivit edit) - Sophie Lloyd
19 Been A Long Tme (David Penn remix) - Yass
20 Good Ol Days (feat DJ Sneak) - Demuir
21 Made Up In My Mind - Floorplan
22 So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T.'s Extended Disco Shizzle) - Selace
23 Feelin Love (original mix) - Soulsearcher
24 Come On Praise Him (Terrence Parker Gospel Heritage mix) - Vonita White

House Music 4 The House Heads
July 31, 2018 11:58 PM PDT
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This is my tribute to the Chosen Few DJs Picnic 2018. My age does not matter. My colour does not matter. It does not matter that I live on the other side of the world. Going to this event gave me a family of music lovers. It was the event that embraced an entire community of House Heads. We are many. We love. We worship those that have gone before and welcome those that are yet to come. The city of Chicago has earned my undying respect and admiration. You gave the world the greatest gift of all.... House Music... Featuring Eric Kupper, Chip E, Stacy Kidd, Michelle Weeks, Louie Vega, Johan S, The Chosen Few, Glen Horsborough, DJ Spen, Barbara Tucker, Maxdal, Ron Carroll and many more... Let the music play. Let the voices sing. This is House Music. Chicago knows. The rest just think they do... Thank you

The Best Is Yet To Come....
June 08, 2018 05:55 PM PDT
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Following unfounded reports of my unfortunate demise I realised that I have been neglecting this side of the craft. Therefore here's a cheeky mix just to prove I am still around... No Bullshit autosync ... On the fly from the crate to the recording... Check it ... Featuring....

Mark Maxwell
Ant La Rock
Scott Diaz
Purple Disco Machine
Peter Brown
Todd Terry
Jocelyn Brown

And Many more... Let the music play smiley

Dancing On The Rails
January 26, 2018 02:44 PM PST
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When you get a chance to play what you want. From Soulful House to Main Room... This is a journey into my world of genres that will always lead you to somewhere new. Old Man Travelling with new music leading. Listen up and get down to some proper House Music. Soulful, Jackin' Uplifting and always spiritual - The King Of Sunday Morning....

Faded (Sandy Rivera Classic Mix) - Kings Of Tomorrow, Kandace Springs
Just Another Number. Feat Nicole Tyler (Original Mix) - Spendogg, Nicole Tyler
You Give Me Fever (Original Mix) - JC Unique, Sheree Hicks
Cold (Ralphi Rosario Old School House Remix) - Ralphi Rosario, Donna Blakely
Get Down With My Girl (Original Mix) - Babert
Candy - Superlover
Soul Brother (Fonky Brown Mix) - Disco Incorporated
Booom Shak (Extended Mix) - Rene Amesz
May The Funk Be With You (Original Mix) - Matt Caseli
Hands Off (Original Club Mix) - Me & My Toothbrush
Hound Dog (Original Mix) - Pep's Show Boys, Big Mama Thornton
The Get Down (Original Mix) - Bronx Cheer
Your Love Is Green (Original Mix) - White Label Will
Bring Me Joy (Extended Mix) - House Madness, Party Killers
Roca (Original Mix) - NXNY
Everybody Swingin (Original) - Adri Block
Kaballa (Clubmix) - Block & Crown, Kaippa
Missing (Original Mix) - Absolut Groovers
Insomnia (Angel Heredia & Jerome Robins Remix) - Jerome Robins, MC Flipside, Fran Ramirez, Mich Golden
Born Slippy .Nuxx (Matt Caseli 2K17 Remix) - Matt Caseli, Terry Lex, Catraz
Over Me (Eddie Thoneick Mix) - Ultra Nate, Inaya Day

The Bingo Wings Mix Xmas 2017
December 09, 2017 04:48 PM PST
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So as the silly season is with us and there is a never ending procession of muppets descending upon the DJ box who think they know better than you, here is something that you can slam in the player and which enables you to walk away from every stupid punter who has ever said, "Can you play something we know?" or "Can you play some 80's" ... Go away and shut up and dance... Life is too short ... No Playlist... Shazam that shit and work for it...

House Mates Wanted!
September 30, 2017 07:43 PM PDT
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Sometimes you have to tell people the way it is. I don’t have the ink. I don’t have the go faster haircut, fake suntan or waif like body proportions. I do not run around behind a gimmick. I love House Music. I have been immersed in the culture for nearly 30 years. Every part of it.

I produce this podcast because I love the music. I do not earn any money out of the podcast. It is not sponsored. It costs me money and time to produce. At the end of the day, if you love it my job is done. If you hear tracks you have not heard before and you go and dig deeper then my job is also done. If I make mistakes, do not judge me by the same standards as those that have access to professional studios. This is done old school. Direct feed. No post production wizardry. Me and my audacity. No autosync. If you like press like. If you don’t, it didn’t cost you anything except time….

• Feeling Good – Parisfal feat Nina Simone
• Passion (Grant Nelson Vocal Pressure Mix) - Gat Decor, Grant Nelson
• Soul Train (Ashley Beedle's North Street Remix) - Tom Glide, Hil St Soul, Ashley Beedle
• Mydonna - COEO
• Wanna Give It Up (Full Intention Remix) - Ralphi Rosario, Linda Clifford, Full Intention
• Got Me Burning Up feat. Jean Pearl (House Radio Mix) - 2Elements
• Bad Girls (Original Mix) - DJ Favorite, Sugarmammas
• Give You Some Love - Hatiras
• The Beginning (House Of Prayers Remix) - Tommyboy
• Move Close (Brixton Rub) - Grant Nelson
• Latican Boogie (Crackazat Remix) - Joey Negro, Crackazat
• Camelia (Extended Mix) - Henry Hacking
• El Sol (Jerry Ropero 2017 Mix) - Jerry Ropero, Jaime Garcia, Salva Di Nobles, Patrizia Ruiz
• 'Cause It's Cool (Original Club Mix) - Alex Kenji
• Jump (Original Mix) - Mark Funk, Danny Cruz, Bonetti
• Catch The Light (Curtis Gabriel's Shining in Ecstacy Mix) - Soul Divide
• The 4 Letter Word ( Soul ) (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Pete Rose
• Party Alarm (Original Mix) - King MC, Under Sanctions
• Sax All Night (Original Mix) - Deeptrak, Paul Hardcastle Jr Feat. Katie Ronan
• Not Over (Original Mix) - Glen Horsborough, In It Together
• House Party (The Disco Anthem Remix) - Ian Carrera
• Rio De Janeiro (Alex Guesta & Yan Kings Tribal Mix) - Alex Guesta, Yan Kings
• So Funky (Original Mix) - Luca Debonaire, Popcorn Poppers
• Let's Get Together (Original Mix) - Hoxton Whores, James Hurr
• Acting Like a Freak(Feat. Trix) (Original Mix) - MDE

Funky Ass House!!
August 26, 2017 05:09 PM PDT
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Remember when House Music made you pump your fist and shout a woot woot!! Remember when we didn't stroke our chins and gaze at our navels. Remember when it was all about the moment. Instead of being a holier than though journey into how good you look it was purely about enjoying yourself. Before the commercialism, before the heart shaped finger puppets and the fireworks display. When you went for the love of the music. Today it makes a comeback. Boat cruises, dingy warehouses, clubs with no lights, smiling faces in all the right places, lightness in the dark. Remember it and demand it. The dancefloor has been empty for far too long...

Raise Da Roof!!!
August 11, 2017 04:04 AM PDT
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This is perhaps one of the most eclectic mixes I have ever produced. There is a massive nod to the old school and it takes off to some absolute monsters in here. There is also absolute proof about 25 mins in that this is absolutely live with no sync...

This is House Music ... Raise Da Roof...

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